Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Know You Love Me (Be Nice To Me) No Matter What...

Parenting is fun! (I mean it...:))

[note: this entry was make back in November of last year. One of you must have pissed me off pretty bad...]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Is For You, Peter!

Ha... I win one for once!

I got a speeding ticket couple of months ago for driving 35 mph... 35 mph! How did I get it? I was accused of driving 35 mph in a construction zone... There weren't any sign or blinking lights indicate I was about driving into a construction site. Beside, I was on the west bound lane while construction was on the east bound side!

I got ticketed by a cop hidden behind a construction truck with a laser gun... Sneaky him and unlucky me... I pleaded with the officer and he smiled at me and said, "You can fight it in court!"

I was so pissed. I decided to fight it. So, I went to court, the first time to plead NOT GUILTY. The Judge asked if I want to waive my right of a speedy trail. "No," I said. I am not waiving no right for this! I posted $257 bail (the ticket amount) and the trial was schedule for today at 10 am.

This morning I showed up in court with photos/charts and whatever evidence that can help my case at about 9:45pm. Went thru security check, "stripped searched" (I'll save this one for another post later). Checked the trial calendar posted outside. The trial time was scheduled for 10:30! The clerk told 10 o'clock when I posted bail. Anyway, at least I won't be late, I thought to myself. Then I checked the list of names, mine is one of 20 cased to be heard. They listed the ticketing officers' names next to the defendants. I checked and didn't feel good at all. The officer who sited me appears the most! This mean the chance him not showing up is not great (if cops don't show up, judge dismisses your case).

I walked the court room around 10:15 and sat down... I look around and there's only one cop sitting in the section reserved for officers testifying in the upcoming cases. He doesn't look familiar...good news so far.

The the judge help up a stack of paper and said, "Last chance for requesting traffic school..." Then he start calling the names off the list, "Mr. So and so, your case is dismissed."....after 6 or 7 names, my name finally called..."..... You case is dismissed. Your bail money will be refunded to you in 4 to 6 weeks."

Haha... The cop didn't show up! I win one for once!

The End.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I agree with You, President Bush....

"No matter how we cast our ballots, this election gives us all reason to be proud of our democracy and our country."

George W. Bush
Nov. 6, 2008