Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shaken Up But Ok...

I am sure you know by now. There's a 5.6 or 5.8 earthquake here, centered in Chino Hills which is about 15-20 miles from where I am.

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It started out with two bumps, up and down, followed by horizontal motion. At first I thought there was a truck driving by but when the ground start shaking I realized it's an earthquake. I crawled under my desk thinking I'd got no chance trying to run the length of the warehouse if the building were to come down. Thank God the shaking stop seconds after it started.

This is the strongest earthquake I felt since the Northridge Quake about 15 years ago. However, this one didn't feel as long as Northridge. Maybe today's happened in daylight vs. Northridge was very early in the morning...

We experience no power outage nor interruption with internet service. Cell phones were not working but I think it's because the circuits were jammed by everyone trying to make a call. Text message didn't seem to work either. However, my Blackberry text service were working fine as I was able to communicate with family in New York.

My co-worker lives in Chino Hills. I hope and pray everything is ok for everyone.

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