Monday, August 11, 2008

Craving for 15 Minutes of Fame

According to an article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pastor Edward Romero (left) vandalized 2 upscale hotel rooms in Beijing in protest of Chinese government.

I don't know if Mr. Eddie knows, the hotel he vandalized is owned by the French. Yes, the French...

Do you think the average Chinese citizens understand his antic? They would be mad. How do you like if someone come to our house and make a mess then disappear?

Mr. Eddie accomplished nothing only to satisfy his crave of his 15 min. of fame. His action has possibly put the lives of Christian workers on the ground in danger. I have friends who gave up their comfortable life to serve the Lord and people of China.

Mr. Eddie, if you really wants to do something good for China, read up on Hudson Taylor. Learn from Rev. Taylor.


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