Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bank of America phone service sucks! (part 2)

So, as I was saying, online bill paying with with B of A was going
fine. Then a couple of months ago, while I was doing banking online,
there's this thing pop up on my screen. "New Security Feature!" or
something like that. Normal I would just close the pop up window if I
was surfing the net. But, this time is I am inside B of A banking
website. So, the ad intrigued me. So, I click the link...

So, this new security feature offers you added security by preventing
unauthorized person ability to create an online payee....etc. Usually,
when you add an online payee, B of A send you an email notifying the
additions. You call B of A if this is not an authorize entry. That's
after the fact...

The new feature gives you an ability to prevent someone from creating
anything with out a randomly generated authorization code. How does it
work? You ask. Here's how. If you sigh up for the service, they give
you this credit card size device which a code can be generated and
display. With the code, you can add a payee or do large amount
transaction (you set the limit)...How cool is that? The catch, It cost
$$...but wait! it gets better..

You can use your cell phone to as a receiver for this code thingie.
They will send you a text message with the code each time you add a
payee. And the best part of it? It's free! How cool is that? Being a
cheapskate I am, I sign up for the free service. And it works! I set
the preference. Each time if you trying to add someone or do something
the system have the window pop up and ask you to enter a code. A few
seconds later, a text lights up my cell phone with a code. You enter
that code and going with your banking business. So what's the problem,
you ask....Well...

stay tuned for part 3...gotta get ready to leave work on time. Lakers time!!!!!

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